Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 2015 Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Karen Parker from WizardIslandDesigns who won both the team and public votes with her fantastic "Monarch Migration" necklace!


1st place: Karen Parker from WizardIslandDesigns - 32 votes (36%)

2nd place: Dayna Miles from DaynaMilesDesigns - 10 votes (11%)

3rd place: Barbra and Meredith from bjswearableart - 9 votes (10%)


1st place: Karen Parker from WizardIslandDesigns - 49 votes (25%)

2nd place: Mariya Zhalnina from BeadCatcher - 31 votes (16%)

3rd place: Angel McIlwain from PaintedTreeStudio - 24 votes (12%)

Congratulations everyone!

Thanks to all who participated in the March 2015 “Spring Migration” Challenge and to everyone who voted.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

EBW Team April 2015 Challenge "Hardware"

Kris Empting-Obenland, the winner of our February Challenge, has chosen the theme for April 2015:


Please enter your favorite hardware store and get at least one item of whatever inspires you and integrate it into your piece of beaded jewelry!  In case you're still snowed in, your private stock in your basement or garage might do just as well. ;-) 

If you choose one single element of hardware it should be the main focal in your piece.  Alternatively you can use a random number of elements.  In any case please explain what you used in the description. 

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Note to team members: Work on this challenge may be started from today, February 18th.  The entry must be listed in your Etsy shop by April 5th.  Please check the challenge rules to see what details must be in your listing.  Have fun creating!

Announcing the Winners of our February Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the February 2015 Challenge "Let The Show Begin!"

Team Winner & Public Vote Co-Winner:
Kris Empting-Obenland from KrisDesignFSP

Public Vote Co-Winner:
Mariya Zhalnina from BeadCatcher

1st place: Kris Empting-Obenland (KrisDesignFSP) 16 votes (19%)

2nd place: Ulrike Günther (PrettyNett) 14 votes (17%)

3rd place: Mariya Zhalnina (BeadCatcher) 9 votes (11%)

Well done also to Angel McIlwain (PaintedTreeStudio) who came in a very close 4th with 8 votes (10%)


1st place: Kris Empting-Obenland (KrisDesignFSP) & Mariya Zhalnina (BeadCatcher) 28 votes (14%)
Kris' entry:
Mariya's entry:

2nd place: Angel McIlwain (PaintedTreeStudio) 24 votes (12%)

3rd place: Ulrike Günther (PrettyNett) 23 votes (11%)

Congratulations everyone!

Thanks to all who participated in the February 2015 Challenge and to everyone who voted.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Entries for "Let the Show Begin" February Challege

Here are the entries for this month's "Let the Show Begin" challenge!  The voting poll will be available on the 9-15, so choose your favorite entry from the images or links below, then select your choice in the blog poll on the right sidebar beginning on the 9th.

Click on the images or links below to learn more about each entry and see larger, detailed images of each piece. 


Image Map

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Congratulations to our "Rising Stars"!

Team Co-Winners: Diana and Joanne

Congratulations to our EBW Team co-winners for January 2015 “Rising Stars”. Diana of BeadworkAndCoe and Joanne of JoanneZammit both had 13 votes (22%).

Team Vote Results:

1st place: Diana (BeadworkAndCoe) & Joanne (JoanneZammit) 13 votes (22%)

2nd place: Linda (TraditionsJewels) 10 votes (17%)

3rd place: Ileana (enchantedbeads) 9 votes (15%)

Blog Winner: Ileana

Congratulations to the winner of our public vote, Ileana of enchantedbeads who won with 86 votes (31%)!

Public Vote Results

1st place: Ileana (enchantedbeads) 86 votes (31%)

2nd place: Joanne (JoanneZammit) 60 votes (22%)

3rd place: Diana (BeadworkAndCoe) 30 votes (11%)

Thanks to all who participated in the January “Rising Star” Challenge and to everyone who voted!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Voting for January Challenge Open Today through the 15th!

Stop by and vote for your favorite "Rising Star" entry!